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With Eve Simmons


Don’t We Know?

In my efforts to stop offshore drilling along our U.S. coasts, I’ve learned of The SEA Act. It is horrific. It would wipe out most of the protections that the Marine Mammal Protection Act put in place decades ago. How can we continue to torture and kill most marine life in the name of blind greed? Don’t we know that if we kill off the ocean, we kill off humanity? Between our ocean’s increasing acidity, due to the burning of fossil fuels, to the coral bleaching due to a warming ocean, due to the burning of fossil fuels, to seismic air gun blasts for oil exploration so that we may burn more fossil fuels, to the ocean noise-pollution of tens of thousands of fossil fuel burning cargo ships constantly traversing the oceans, to the staggering amounts of toxic petroleum-based plastic pollution choking our oceans, to the warming Arctic which destabilizes our Jet Stream due to the burning of fossil fuels, which creates record smashing hurricanes and energizes superstorms, and causes flooding and mudslides and droughts and raises sea levels, to the tanker and oil rig accidents that cause oil spills, wipes out fishing, tourism, and fouls our beaches, all because we continue to cling to the completely incorrect notion that in order to make more and more money we have to keep burning fossil fuels instead of transitioning to clean energy. We will create more jobs, improve national security, save millions of human lives, and countless wildlife, grow the GDP, and save billions of dollars by freeing ourselves from the burden of fossil fuels. Doesn’t Congress know? Don’t they know? Now we know. Reject offshore drilling. Get environmentally active. Act.

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Big Heart, Little Voice?

Lobbying Broadcast Media on Climate

Thursday evening March 15th, UCSD’s Muir Biology Bldg. room 1103, 5:50 p.m. Environmental speaker and former photojournalist Eve Simmons will present “Big Heart, Little Voice? Expanding Your Message Through Broadcast Media” You’ll learn how to use the power of your voice and collective action to enlist broadcast media to cover and accurately report the climate crisis. This event is free and open to the public.

P.S. Come early for pizza 🙂       Details


Lobbying Broadcast Media on Climate

Join us this Friday evening February 23rd, in UCSD’s Muir Biology Bldg. room 1103, for pizza at 5:30 pm and my talk at 5:50 pm, on lobbying broadcast media on climate. Entitled,   “Big Heart, Little Voice? Expanding Your Message Through Broadcast Media” You’ll learn how to use the power of your voice and collective action to enlist broadcast media to accurately report and cover the climate crisis and solutions. Arrive early to buy a parking permit (small fee, get 2 hrs parking). The talk is free and open to the public.


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Engaging With CCL

I’m proud to be among the speakers at this year’s Citizens Climate Lobby Southern California Regional Conference at Cal State University Los Angeles, this Saturday, Feb 17th. If you’ve been thinking of getting involved on the climate issue, here’s a great opportunity to learn and network. Btw, our keynote speaker will be Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. For more information visit CCL’s SoCal Regional Conference 2018

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Hands Across The Sand

Calling All Earth Angels! PLEASE come to this event and bring as many others as you can THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 3rdWe need a big crowd to show Washington and the media that we will NOT allow oil rigs off the coast of San Diego!!!

Say NO to drilling off our coastlines. Come join us for “HANDS ACROSS THE SAND”. We are gathering at Belmont Park in San Diego’s Mission Beach on Saturday, February 3rd, 11am-1pm, to amplify our voices. Why?…

Because the Trump Administration’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has proposed drilling off nearly all U.S. coastlines, including San Diego’sand has scheduled only one public hearing (far away from CA coastlines) in Sacramento. They are not hearing the voices of San Diegans and we need to change that.

We will rally together with our local leaders in a bipartisan effort, to require a fair hearing process from BOEM. Then we will join hands up and down the beach for a big photo op as we humans spell out “NO OIL” on the sand.

This is your chance to have your voice heard, on a national level, that we will not welcome off-shore drilling on our coast!! The extraction and burning of fossil fuels increases carbon emissions, acidifies our oceans, leads to extreme weather, and jeopardizes both California’s clean energy goals, and the mandated enforceable Climate Action Plans of many jurisdictions.  We are dedicated to converting to clean energy and protecting the ocean that provides much of our air supply, our food, many jobs, income from tourism & recreation, and enhances our quality of life. This is a survival issue for each and ALL of us!

Speakers include:
• U.S. Representative Scott Peters (District 52)
• State Assembly Member Rocky Chavez (District 76)
• Councilmember Lorie Zapf (City of San Diego, District 2
• Chairwoman Kristin Gaspar (S.D.County Board of Supervisors)
• Councilmember Georgette Gomez (San Diego, District 9)
• Assembly Member Todd Gloria (District 78)

Moderated by Eve Simmons

This is a people-powered movement so please bring everyone you can to help us fight this dirty and dangerous drilling agenda.

Walk, bike, ride, or carpool, and park in one of 5 nearby lots and head to the beach near Cannonball Restaurant (3105 Ocean Walk, San Diego, CA  Bring a reusable water bottle:)

Thanks and See You There!


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Creating Political Will on Climate


This impromptu face to face meeting with CA Senator Kamala Harris occurred as our Citizens Climate Lobby team was headed toward her office for a meeting with Harris’ staffers. CCL volunteer Joyannah Lonnes (right) seized the moment by explaining that her house was destroyed in the recent Santa Rosa wildfires. As a newly minted “climate refugee” Joy could think of no higher purpose than to come to Washington to work on pricing carbon with CCL. Senator Harris was encouraged by our news that Republicans were increasingly engaged and receptive to working on climate solutions. (Pictured at center is Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer Randy Salim).

(Note: Citizens’ Climate Lobby conducted internal polling based on notes from thousands of Congressional lobby visits since 2014. It reflected a profound shift in the zeitgeist on climate change amongst Republicans. Four years ago, 1 in 3 Republican lawmakers was civil but disengaged in our meetings. As of June 2017, that lack of engagement dwindled to only 1 in 21.)


Eve Simmons