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With Eve Simmons

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A Path Forward on Climate

The electorate isn’t as split on climate as the new administration would have you think. Here’s a conservative doing a must-watch TED talk on a powerful climate solution. While it differs on some points, it echoes much of what Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been advocating for nearly ten years. Whether you embrace or eschew climate regulations, this market-based answer goes farther, faster. Got hope? I do.

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Less Conquering, More Collaborating

San Diego’s climate change march was different this year. Not surprisingly, marchers were angrier, more fearful, and more frustrated than in years past. But if those marchers only knew that they’re not alone, that a majority of Trump voters want strong action on climate change, too (Yale poll), then maybe we could work together instead of the same old unproductive divide-and-conquer mentality that both parties tout. Everyone reading this should send a quick, respectful email, text or phone call communicating with their members of Congress that we want legislation to price carbon and give the money to households. Experts widely agree it’s the top solution to lower emissions quickly, while protecting jobs, public health, national security and our economy. Let’s stop conquering and start collaborating, for all our sake.                    Eve Simmons, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

This letter first appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, May 7th, 2017

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A Private Showing, Just for You

Only a few days left, so please RSVP to this special event celebrating art, science, and in support of local Citizens’ Climate Lobby members traveling to D.C. to meet with Congress in June.
Speakers will include:

  • Marshall Saunders – Founder of Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Mark Reynolds – Executive Director of CCL
  • Eve Simmons – CCL Congressional Liaison

Please join us for an inspirational afternoon as we enjoy a stunning exhibit and mingle with climate scientists, artists, and friends.  Wine and light appetizers on the lawn.

RSVP TODAY at Brown Paper Tickets

File May 01, 12 18 22 PM

Weather on Steroids: the Art of Climate Change Science explores the consequences, challenges, and opportunities that arise from the changing climate on our planet.  The exhibition merges the artistic and scientific, creating a visual dialogue about the vexing problem of climate change, explores how weather variability affects the day-to-day life in our region, and investigates our communities’ vulnerability to climate change.

In this unique exhibit, Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s scientific climate research serves as an inspiration for the creative responses from multidisciplinary conceptual artists. By illuminating the reality of climate change, Weather on Steroids aspires to proactively stimulate public dialogue about one of the most important issues of our time.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), is a non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization that started in San Diego just ten years ago, and has experienced astounding growth worldwide, expanding to hundreds of chapters in over 100 countries. We focus on national policies to address climate change. CCL builds constructive relationships with elected officials and with Congress, providing bipartisan climate education designed to support climate action. CCL systematically lobbies for the adoption of one fair, effective, and sustainable climate change solution at a time.

The imperative of lowering carbon emissions to an acceptable level over time is Citizens’ Climate Lobby‘s focus worldwide.

Here’s a video of a CCL adviser with an important message.

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Happy Feet? Let’s March Tomorrow!

Be a part of something really big and very meaningful tomorrow. Commit to going to a People’s Climate March near you, Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Your voice and your presence matters. Bring a reusable bottle of water, a hat, some sunblock and a smile. We’ll be marching and speaking up in cities around the globe. I march because I am FOR a sustainable planet and a livable world. I am FOR clean air and water. I am FOR renewable energy jobs and a healthy economy – because when pollution goes down, economies rise. I am FOR our troops not having to fight over, guard and transport oil. I am FOR vital oceans, forests, and biodiversity. I am FOR normal weather patterns. I am FOR a safer and more just world. Now’s the time and you’re exactly who we need. So join us joyfully, please.


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The State of Our Oceans

Bringing you observations from the world’s leading scientists, I’ll be presenting on the mindblowing changes occurring with “The State of Our Oceans”. Please join us this Monday afternoon, April 24th at 1 p.m. in UCSD’s Center Hall, seminar room 119.  Google maps link The nearest visitor parking is Gilman parking structure (west of Center Hall). This is talk is free and open to the public. Arrive early for parking, ahoy!