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Patriotism​ Personified

Leave it to the Indians to teach us patriotism. I couldn’t be more proud of the Standing Rock Sioux (and many like-minded souls) who have ignored their personal safety for our greater good and rocked the corporate world. I am in wholehearted solidarity with them. They have miraculously managed to press the pause button on Enbridge’s disastrous Dakota Access Pipeline and reminded us of what matters in this world. The Sierra Club and Greenpeace, have slammed the project, calling it “yet another example of an oil pipeline project being permitted without public engagement or sufficient environmental review.” #KeepItInTheGround, #WaterIsLife. Thank you, Native tribes, for protecting our collective home.

BTW, I use the term “Indians” a.k.a. Native Americans here, to mean a culture originating in North America, a noble, brave, and caring people, who stand for what’s right, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


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I Miss Democracy


Of course, I believe it. The corruption, backdoor access and backroom deals that I’ve seen even on the state and local levels is ubiquitous and utterly staggering. To say nothing of the DNC – but don’t get me started.

 And ponder this possibility…  it may be that at some point, on some level, Trump and the Clinton camp may be colluding. After all, Trump is Hillary’s dream opponent, a win-win for both. I miss democracy.