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Creating Political Will on Climate


This impromptu face to face meeting with CA Senator Kamala Harris occurred as our Citizens Climate Lobby team was headed toward her office for a meeting with Harris’ staffers. CCL volunteer Joyannah Lonnes (right) seized the moment by explaining that her house was destroyed in the recent Santa Rosa wildfires. As a newly minted “climate refugee” Joy could think of no higher purpose than to come to Washington to work on pricing carbon with CCL. Senator Harris was encouraged by our news that Republicans were increasingly engaged and receptive to working on climate solutions. (Pictured at center is Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer Randy Salim).

(Note: Citizens’ Climate Lobby conducted internal polling based on notes from thousands of Congressional lobby visits since 2014. It reflected a profound shift in the zeitgeist on climate change amongst Republicans. Four years ago, 1 in 3 Republican lawmakers was civil but disengaged in our meetings. As of June 2017, that lack of engagement dwindled to only 1 in 21.)


Eve Simmons

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We’re Coming Baa-aaack, So Call Congress NOW!


NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE SINGLE GROUP has over 500 appointments on Capitol Hill in one dayexcept Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  It’s an incredible sight to see and even more incredible to be a part of this action.

We’re coming back to Capitol Hill to lobby for action on climate change and I need you to have my back by calling Congress this Wednesday, November 8th. Tell your Congressmember and your 2 Senators that they need to meet with us on Tuesday, November 14th to discuss solutions to the biggest problem facing humanity today.

We aren’t marching outside, we’re going into the offices of almost every House and Senate member – and YES we have appointments! Spending our own money, we’re the largest fly-in group on Capitol Hill all year long, and one of the most respected by both sides of the aisle. The New York Times recently said that “When Congress finally passes major legislation to curb carbon emissions – to reduce the environmental and economic harm caused by climate change –  Americans will owe a big thank you  to the perseverance and discipline of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.” 

Please call your Congress members THIS WEEK, no matter who they are, both House and Senate, (that’s 3 quick calls) and ask them to meet with us and to listen. This profound work is moving mountains – especially now.  Thank You.

With Gratitude and Love 
Eve Simmons

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Love Is Thicker Than Smoke

Love is thicker than smoke, deeper than floods, and more enduring than the heat, rains, and whatever else humanity and wildlife must endure. Our hearts are with you. This is why I work towards progress on climate change, to lessen suffering and promote healing. I am grateful to all those who bring kindness, or bravery, or generosity of time, talent, spirit, or pocketbook to those in need.  Visualizing a healing world. Please do what you can to make it so.

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A Noble Act on Behalf of… Us

We’re always moved when a regular citizen does something for humanity that’s really brave. Someone takes a risk, knowing it could cost them their freedom, because their good heart and clear-eyed look at reality compelled them to help. This week, two such heroes, a.k.a. “The Valve Turners”, are on trial for such a noble act. No less than renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen has flown to Cavalier, North Dakota in hopes to testify on their behalf. Please learn about them and support them if you can. 

And learn more about them from Dr. James Hansen…

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NASA’s Knowledge is Power

In knowledge, we must trust. It holds the power to protect, to plan and to steward sound environmental policies. We depend on our country’s scientists to advise us and they need our support. We can’t have climate-change denier, Jim Bridenstine, heading NASA and dismantling policies that have such a direct impact on our environment, our health, and safety. NASA should be run by scientists, not political appointees with radical, anti-science agendas. Please contact your Senators now and tell them to say “NO WAY!” to Jim Bridenstine’s appointment as head of NASA. Thank You.

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Seeing the Big Picture

As I recently found myself flying into the outer bands of Hurricane Irma, I remember contemplating my reliance on the expertise of our pilot, who navigated us gently and skillfully to safety. We must rely on the expertise of our climate scientists to do the same for us now.
Listen to a new 5 min. clip (from KPBS) of what internationally revered Scripps Institute climate scientist Dr. Ramananthan says about our chances of humanity being wiped out by 2050 due to catastrophic climate change unless we act immediately.
On September 13th, 2017, the 56 member-voting-bloc strong, House Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus held a meeting in which they were briefed on some of the profound consequences of climate change currently affecting our nation. Here’s a link to an article summarizing the highlights of that gathering…