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The One Earth Symbol

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Symbolism can be very powerful, evoking an entire social movement, philosophy, celebration or outrage. There’s “V” for peace – or victory, the Black Power fist, “Star Trek’s “Live long and prosper” split-fingered sign, “The Hunger Games” 3 fingered symbol of resistance and of course, the flip-off. What I’d like to introduce is a symbol of OUR movement – One Earth, one humanity, one atmosphere, one environment, the circle of life, representing hope and solidarity and conviction and resolve. It’s peaceful, proactive and powerful. It’s the ASL sign for “O”, an open fist with thumb and fingertips forming a circle, held up. Used in this context as a symbol for demanding a sustainable world, it would become a powerful, wordless, instant statement that I’d like to see used universally, whether it’s a rally in LA, Idaho,or the Paris Climate Talks.

One thought on “The One Earth Symbol

  1. Love the idea. Let’s pass the word…or should I say, let’s hold up the circle.

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