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Mind The Gap, Why I’m Running for State Assembly

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“Mind the Gap.” It’s the phrase Londoners use to warn subway travelers about the potentially hazardous space between the train platform and the train. Other, more insidious gaps exist in our society. Thanks to Assemblywoman Nora Campos of San Jose, there will be one less gap to mind. A gender wage gap bill, officially known as The California Fair Pay Act AB1017, addresses this basic inequality that exists for women today in so many workplaces when “substantially similar work” is not met with equal monetary compensation. In the past, receiving restitution has been challenging, even though a form of gender-based wage discrimination has been a part of California law since 1949. This new bill is considered to be the strongest bill of its kind in the nation. And it’s icing on the cake that it was supported by California’s Chamber of Commerce. Way to go Golden State!

By the way, Londoners have another saying about their mass transit, “Less bread, no jam.” But that topic’s for another story, stay tuned.

I am running for California’s State Assembly so that I can effect positive change on critical issues like this one, impacting California and the nation.

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