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Nobility resides within each one of us. The time has come to awaken that nobility in order to tackle the challenging conditions of global warming that lie ahead for us all. I’ve been speaking publicly and privately on this issue for nearly 30 years. I’ve brought this scientific and economic message to policymakers and citizens from Senators to schoolchildren. The threats looming can be overwhelming, but with common sense, collective goodwill and a steadfast determination, we can lessen the severity of impacts over time. We need to summon our courage and our political will to address this existential crisis together.

The time has long since come, for us to change the source of our energy. This is a local, statewide, national and international security issue. We need to switch to cleaner, safer, cheaper sources of energy, it’s that clear. The U.S. military has said that “our dependence on fossil fuels threatens American prosperity, security and lives”. The Pentagon has spoken out on this many times. It’s time we listened.

The good news is, that we have within our grasp, the ability to make a profound difference toward preserving our collective way of life, and indeed, our very survival. For example, according to World Wildlife Fund, pollution, industrial fishing and climate change, have killed off half of marine life, including coral, in the last four decades. Scientists have warned that within 30 years, all we fish for will be gone. They’ve stressed that marine life can be restored if the human population starts to live within sustainable limits. Solutions are plentiful. Among the possibilities…

Protect our oceans by prioritizing ocean and marine life recovery.

Create Community Choice Energy districts throughout California (ending dirty energy monopolies).

Initiate sound Climate Action Plans in every city.

Retrofit buildings for energy and water efficiency and repair our infrastructure.

Support effective mass transit, including light rail projects.

Support carbon sequestration on unused farmland.

Empower Camp Pendleton to increase its use of renewable energy (

Employ safe and smart growth strategies and planning practices in our communities, which invite residents to walk and bike to nearby schools, shops, and businesses.

Support local community farms, organic and sustainable products.

Create jobs that support and sustain our future.

Preserve the ban on new offshore drilling in the waters off California.

Discontinue oil and gas exploration along California’s coastline.

Support divestment of fossil fuels in state-run portfolios.

Say no to more new carbon-based power plants, replace with renewable energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal power projects (

Enact a carbon fee and dividend with 100% of the proceeds going to citizens (refer to San Diego-based,, and the REMI report). Top economists and scientists worldwide, support this approach. This means more money and jobs for citizens and less planet-warming carbon in our atmosphere.

End fossil fuel subsidies.

Phase out the practice of fracking for oil and natural gas, especially along our waterways and agricultural irrigation systems.

These measures may sound bold, just as every major innovation in humanity’s past has sounded. Yet never before has change been so necessary and solutions so abundant. We can implement these choices while creating jobs and growing California’s economy. Our region and our great state, has led by example time and again. For the sake of all humanity, help us be that source of innovation, prosperity and nobility now.

It is both our moral and our practical obligation to try. This is why I’m running for State Assembly in California’s 76th District. Please visit

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