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VW = Very Wrong

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In duping millions of well-meaning car owners into believing we were making a more environmentally sound choice by purchasing a “clean diesel”, the thousands that believed they were making or selling a better car, and the billions affected by the increased greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, those responsible at Volkswagen (a.k.a. the people’s wagon) have committed a crime against humanity. The ramifications of this deliberate act are astounding and only beginning to unfold.

But while those of us, yes our family owns a 2010 Jetta TDI, the (now invalid) tests showed it ran cleaner than our Honda Hybrid, await the next step, we can at least use the best alternative fuel available – Diesel HPR, which can be found at If you’re lucky enough to live or work near a Propel station (all are located within California), it’s an excellent and inexpensive fuel that does make a real difference in emissions. In fact, the California Air Resources Board classifies Diesel HPR, also known as renewable diesel, as an ultra-low carbon fuel. The fuel can achieve a 40-80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel. In addition, renewable diesel:

Reduces NOx emissions by 14%, PM by 34% & CO by 13% compared to petroleum diesel

Is sulfur-free, aromatics-free and virtually odorless

Find out more by visiting

One thought on “VW = Very Wrong

  1. Ok, let’s sell a green diesel, but not really make it green! We’ll just rig the computer to fool the smog test machine and then market the hell out of clean diesel technologies, there’s lots of tree huggers out there who will fall for it. Well we fell for it, and we’re angry. We joined the class action lawsuit and created this t-shirt to show our disgust. Check it out.

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