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Campaigns and Universities Poisoned by Corporate Money


We’ve just got to change the rules of the game entirely. A legally limited campaign season (maybe 6 months, tops), a legally limited and sane campaign budget for each candidate (so that candidates are not judged by how good a smarmy fundraiser they are, but by their policies). Eliminate all PACS, stop passing around contributions, bribes, threats and promises like drunken pirates with rum. University fundraising has gotten just as bad and just as widespread. We need transparency, integrity, you know the drill…

2 thoughts on “Campaigns and Universities Poisoned by Corporate Money

  1. That’s an understatement and until this happens things will continue to deteriorate….this is only 1 of many reasons why we’re leaving the US; so fed up with this crap and it just gets worse and worse. Feel free to come visit us and stay as long as you feel the need.

  2. Thanks Darling! Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!! <3<3

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