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Awakening Your True Nature… with Eve Simmons

Knowledge Is Power, Use It

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Recently, I had the honor of addressing Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Southern California Regional Conference January 23, 2016, in Los Angeles. Some of the brightest, most effective, noble and relentlessly optimistic folks I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thank you CCL, for all you do. Seek them out at

Eve Simmons

“Climate Change Politics: Behind the Scenes Insights for Lobbying”

  • Providing unique insights into working on climate issues from an insider’s perspective
  • Understanding a politician’s world
  • Wooing policymakers and the public
  • Why this work matters so much

Fresh from her brief turn on the campaign trail as a candidate for State Assembly, Eve will spill the beans, giving you insights and a peak behind the curtain into a politician’s playbook, leaving you slightly horrified, amused and effectively enlightened.

Environmental advocate, keynote speaker, and fleetingly an “accidental politician”, Eve Simmons has lectured on Climate Change/Disruption for decades and has lobbied for action on these issues both locally and in Washington D.C.

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