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A Beautiful Mind, on Climate Change

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A must read for us!! Renowned climate scientist and papal advisor Dr. Ramanathan, on communicating to leaders and the public.  Noble man, brilliant scientist, and courageous communicator brings unvarnished truth and hope on climate change. Here’s the link…

“The Paris agreement is a watershed, but it’s a toothless agreement,” Ramanathan said. “The actions we need to take are so drastic, no leader in the world has the support to take these actions.“Not 100 years from now. Not 50 years from now. Ten to 15 years from now, they’re going to see major disasters…

“Religious leaders taking it down to their parishes will have a transformative effect,” he added.

“The challenge is the depth of the crisis is still not perceptible, not only to evangelicals but to the wider public.”

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