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Standing Up to Merchants of Death

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In today’s LA Times, a great story by George Skelton, tells of brave hearted​ California’s State Senator Jeff Stone, who is standing up to big tobacco. It mirrors the fight against the petroleum industry. Below, the link and my letter of thanks.

Dear Senator Stone,

I want to thank you for fighting the tobacco industry’s efforts to addict ever more citizens. I lost both my parents to smoking. My mom at 55 years old from emphysema, and my dad at 50 years old from lung cancer. I’m 61 and like you, I’ve never smoked, yet my children never knew their grandparents, and I’ve been parentless for decades. The sorrow of knowing that such widespread suffering is purposefully visited upon so many by the tobacco industry is tempered a little, by heroes like yourself with the courage to change things for the better.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Eve Simmons

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