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Please click the link and vote YES now!

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A San Diego paper wants your opinion on a carbon fee and dividend. Please click the link and vote YES now. You won’t be alone, check out this short list of supporters below. A revenue-neutral price on carbon emissions truly is the holy grail of climate action. It will grow our GDP, create jobs, improve our health and our national security AND put money in YOUR pocket! Top economists, the scientific and environmental communities, liberals, conservatives, 74 countries, and even oil executives support it. Here’s a short list of the endless stream of supporters…

Union of Concerned Scientists
Paul Anderson, CEO and Chairman of Duke Energy
Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil
George Shultz, former Secretary of State under Pres. Reagan
Bill McKibben, founder of
Henry Paulson, former Secretary of the Treasury under Pres. G.W. Bush
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan
President Obama
EPA Administrators for the last 3 Republican Administrations
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
IEA Director Maria van der Hoeven
Greg Mankiw, Senior Economic Advisor to Gov. Mitt Romney
Art Laffer, architect of Pres. Reagan’s economic plan
Dr. James Hansen, former head of NOAA’s Goddard Space Center
Senator Bernie Sanders
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Senior Economic Advisor to Sen. John McCain
Former Vice President Al Gore
Andrew Moylan, Senior Fellow at R Street Institute
Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate Economist
Senator Barbara Boxer
Kevin A. Hassett, Senior Fellow at American Enterprise Institute…
Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg
The World Bank and so many more…
Science and economics experts: “A Carbon Tax is needed, rather than less effective and less transparent Carbon Trading.”

Check out to find out more.

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