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I can sure use your help, it’s quick, easy, free and it matters. I’m traveling to Washington D.C. next week along with 900 other Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers from around the country. We’ll be meeting with House members and Senators to urge them to pass legislation to reduce the threat of global warming. BTW, take heart, there has been progress. There’s now a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and a Republican-sponsored resolution focused on workable solutions.  So I’d be very grateful if you’d PLEASE take a moment to call your congressional representative in Washington, D.C., by Monday morning June 20th. Let them know that as one of their constituents, you’d like the Congressmember to meet with us in person and to talk with colleagues about solutions to this crisis.  Your call can really magnify the effect of these in-person meetings. You can find your member of the House and Senate here:

To make the call, dial the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your congress member’s office. If you want to include in your call a specific solution, carbon fee and dividend is a great one!  We can improve our economy, increase our national security and clean our air and water. The highly respected REMI report projects that it will:

Reduce CO2 emissions by 33% after 10 years, 52% after 20 years.
* Add 2.8 million jobs.
Save 13,000 lives annually, because of reduced air pollution.

Or, you may just want to say something like this:

“Hello, my name is (_______) and I’m a constituent. My zip code is (______). I’d like to leave a message for (Congress member/Senator X).  I’m very concerned about global warming.  I have some friends from Citizens Climate Lobby who are coming to Washington to talk with you on June 21st. It’s important to me that the (congress member/senator) meet with them personally and support legislation to deal with global warming. Will you please give the (congress member/senator) my message?  Thank you.”

You can learn more at

Thanks for calling on June 20th or sooner! Please share this with everyone and anyone!

With Gratitude and Solidarity,

Eve (a.k.a.

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