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More Resolute Than Ever

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Please, have my back on this. Though our efforts on climate change have suffered a massive blow, of which I’m still staggering to grasp, signs of awakened awareness are already sprouting (i.e. my phone’s been ringing off the hook). I’m going to D.C. next week for scheduled meetings with members of Congress on Tuesday, along with hundreds of other dedicated, educated, and proactive  environmentalists from PLEASE take a moment NOW to call your Congress member and ask them to work with us on this most all-encompassing danger facing humanity. The world’s top scientists and economists have said there is much we can do to slow, halt, and even reverse the worst consequences, but not unless we take immediate, decisive action. We can’t afford to wait, or worse, roll progress backwards for four more years. This is our collective home, shouldn’t we try?

One thought on “More Resolute Than Ever

  1. Its more urgent now then its ever been since Trump and the Republicans have Congress. Bob and I wish you a successful trip and look forward to hearing how it went. Take care my friend. XO

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