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GHG Leaking Storage Facility Needs to Stay Closed

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Food and Water Watch needs your help. We ALL need the toxic and unsound Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility to remain closed. CA’s SB 57 will bring logic, safety, and sanity to decisions regarding this no-longer-needed facility. Please call the Chair of the California Energy and Utilities Committee, State Senator Ben Hueso’s office at (619) 409-7690 and respectfully ask him to quickly schedule that hearing and vote YES on SB 57.

  • Aliso Canyon cannot reopen until we know what caused the massive blowout
  • We need his YES vote on SB 57 in the State Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee!
  • The Aliso Canyon blowout released 97,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere over 3 months – the largest leak of natural gas in US history – and a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions for California in 2015
  • Thousands in the community are still getting sick, the facility still leaks – it is urgent that this bill passes as soon as possible as SoCalGas is rushing to reopen Aliso Canyon.
  •  It’s crucial that the root cause analysis of what caused the blowout is completed to restore faith in the regulatory agencies that oversee SoCalGas to ensure this never happens again.
  • Ultimately, we support keeping Aliso Canyon closed permanently, and urge decommissioning this facility. It’s not needed for energy reliability despite SoCalGas’ claims and — it does not belong near a highly populated area.
  • Aliso Canyon is not needed. It has been closed between January 2016 and January 2017.
  • SoCal Gas threatened that there would be 14 blackouts during the summer without Aliso Canyon — there were no blackouts, NONE.
  • The CPUC, CEC, LADWP have proposed 31 mitigation measures to eliminate the need for Aliso Canyon.
  • Thank State Senator Hueso for his work on this.

And thank YOU for being a steward of our planet.

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