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The Common Good

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Desperate for good news on the climate front? Here it is, the House of Representative’s Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus now 34 members and growing. The name says it all. While our two major political parties are locked in the throws of rancor and resentment, some politicians have chosen to see beyond the hate (at least in this setting) because they realize that climate change is too important to ignore. Is it politically expedient for these Congressmembers to have joined this caucus? You bet it is, and that’s good news for all of us. Why? Because it means that Capitol Hill is beginning to notice that “We The People” are increasingly concerned about our warming climate. In fact, according to a respected Yale poll, 62% of Trump supporters also support strong action on climate. The science is undeniable, and so is the clear moral imperative to work together across party lines to find solutions for the common good. And I for one, am grateful that these lawmakers are willing to try.

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