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Less Conquering, More Collaborating

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San Diego’s climate change march was different this year. Not surprisingly, marchers were angrier, more fearful, and more frustrated than in years past. But if those marchers only knew that they’re not alone, that a majority of Trump voters want strong action on climate change, too (Yale poll), then maybe we could work together instead of the same old unproductive divide-and-conquer mentality that both parties tout. Everyone reading this should send a quick, respectful email, text or phone call communicating with their members of Congress that we want legislation to price carbon and give the money to households. Experts widely agree it’s the top solution to lower emissions quickly, while protecting jobs, public health, national security and our economy. Let’s stop conquering and start collaborating, for all our sake.                    Eve Simmons, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

This letter first appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, May 7th, 2017

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