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Crimes Against Humanity

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By pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord today, Donald Trump has brought a great national shame upon our country. But what that wretched soul has committed goes far beyond national pride or our standing on the world stage. He has done nothing less than to aid and abet genocide. Trump’s staggering actions eclipse even crimes against humanity, for they surely will increase the destruction of nature, of our oceans, forests, clean air, clean water, and arable soil. By guaranteeing our nation’s deep and continued dependence on fossil fuels Mr. Trump has added to the burden on our troops and increased the dangers and challenges they face.  This colossal error of judgment will hurt our economy, endanger public health and retard job growth.

There is a path out of this darkness. Today we may mourn and rail against adversity. Tomorrow we will resolve as individuals, citizens, consumers, investors, groups, businesses, organizations, subnational governments, and Congressional leaders, to take steps to meet and exceed the commitments that were made in Paris. With our choices and our voices, we shall pick up the globe that Trump has dropped and raise it high above this travesty. For truly, there is a greatness in America, one that Mr. Trump is blind to. Let us show the world that Americans are made of kinder, wiser, and stronger stuff than Mr. Trump could possibly dream of.


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