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Stop Fighting and Listen to This…

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Just did a radio interview, aaaggghhh!!! – Both “sides” want to play the blame game which may be tempting to indulge in for a few minutes, but it’s not a strategy for success. As both Gandhi and Dr. King have said, “‘An eye for an eye’ just makes the whole world blind.”

I’m frustrated with some liberals who offhandedly dismiss the hugely effective solution of pricing carbon/giving the revenue to the public, which will cut our CO2 emissions by 50% within 20 years (that’s twice as good as Paris commitments btw), create millions of jobs, improve our economy and public health, and lessen the burden on our troops. These carbon pricing deniers spout alternative facts and ignore the real facts, just like the climate change deniers do! Some right wingers refuse to believe the scientists and some left wingers refuse to believe the economists.  I say let’s listen to the overwhelming worldwide consensus of both groups of experts, put a price on carbon and return the dividend to citizens. It’s the tool box that carries all the tools we need to decarbonize our energy (like Community Choice Energy, microgrids, renewable energy jobs, divesting of fossil fuels, disincentivizing oil and gas exploration and production, etc.), and it does so in an economically viable and socially just way – period. Both “sides” need to grow up, it’s time to stop burning bridges and start building them.

One thought on “Stop Fighting and Listen to This…

  1. Very well said, Eve. We have no more time to loose and we all must come together to stop global warming. Finding a middle ground with a carbon tax is an excellent immediate solution. The gloves are off and time to fight this fossil fuel Dragon together because what do we have to loose. Humanity, that’s all.

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