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Sharing a joyful moment in D.C. with Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah. You may remember that she was featured in this follow-up to “Years of Living Dangerously”. I am working with Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Environmental Justice and Climate Change WITH ALL Republicans AND ALL Democrats TOGETHER! It’s easy to judge from far away, but there’s so much more to the story. Let me clarify the nature of this challenging, but rewarding work. This is NOT party politics. It’s not about one party or even one faction of one party. It’s about our shared problem, our shared planet, and what we can do to help restore our world. While I understand the partisan frustration on both sides, refusing to speak to, let alone work with, those in power whom we may not agree with on all issues, will get us nowhere. Cynicism is worse than useless, it’s acquiescence.  Ultimately, the solutions are about love instead of hate. We’re not ignoring our differences, we’re choosing to step beyond them and focus on what we can accomplish together. When you look for the good in people you will find it. Well-informed, proactive, optimistic, hard work is not only moving us toward climate legislation on “The Hill”… it’s moving mountains. Release the blame, visualize the good, then make it happen, together. <3<3


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