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Yes, I’ve seen it… twice, and so should you. (I’m pictured here with producer Richard Berge.) “An Inconvenient Sequel, Truth to Power” is the clear-eyed follow-up documentary to 2006″s zeitgeist challenging original Oscar and Nobel Prize winning film. This is not just a sequel, it’s Al Gore’s  powerful, pragmatic and prophetic soliloquy to us all. And it’s about time we listened. It’s about time we respectfully and passionately speak up and speak out again and again and again. It’s about time we look at our own choices, policies, and practices with an eye towards positive change. It’s about time we vote with our dollars on the products and services we purchase and the investments we make.  Let’s start reaping the rewards of sustainable living because, as I so often say, when pollution goes down, economies rise. Go see the movie and bring everyone you know, because here’s another saying worth remembering, this one comes from Al himself… “Never let anyone take away your hope.”

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