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“Harvey’s” Intensity and Climate Change, Alert the Media NOW!

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Please tweet, text, fb message, email or call news agencies and ask them to report on the climate change connections to “Harvey” right now. Climate change stalls weather patterns making hurricanes slower, stronger, and more damaging. Sadly,”Harvey” exemplifies this. Media, please report on the connection of “Harvey”‘s slow pace and intensity to climate change. This is the time to build public support for and awareness of our environment. Time to interview scientists as part of media coverage – alert the media now. Here’s a Media Contact list

One thought on ““Harvey’s” Intensity and Climate Change, Alert the Media NOW!

  1. It really drives me crazy when the mainstream media do not talk about global warming’s effects on these ever increasing weather events. This does a disservice to their audience and just adds fuel to climate change deniers. I agree we must call them out which I have done many times. I do appreciate the media list that you posted.

    I also wanted to give kudos to those media outlets that do a good job when they discuss how climate change is changing everything we once thought was normal for we are in new territory. There is no longer “normal” weather for it will continue to change for the worse because there is still so much CO2 and methane in the atmosphere we haven’t even gotten through and the amount of C02 and methane that we’re still spewing into the atmosphere is dire for the future of humanity. I fear for our children’s future.

    Here is such an article from the Wall Street Journal on Hurricane Harvey. I wish everyone well in Texas who are in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

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