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Don’t We Know?


In my efforts to stop offshore drilling along our U.S. coasts, I’ve learned of The SEA Act. It is horrific. It would wipe out most of the protections that the Marine Mammal Protection Act put in place decades ago. How can we continue to torture and kill most marine life in the name of blind greed? Don’t we know that if we kill off the ocean, we kill off humanity? Between our ocean’s increasing acidity, due to the burning of fossil fuels, to the coral bleaching due to a warming ocean, due to the burning of fossil fuels, to seismic air gun blasts for oil exploration so that we may burn more fossil fuels, to the ocean noise-pollution of tens of thousands of fossil fuel burning cargo ships constantly traversing the oceans, to the staggering amounts of toxic petroleum-based plastic pollution choking our oceans, to the warming Arctic which destabilizes our Jet Stream due to the burning of fossil fuels, which creates record smashing hurricanes and energizes superstorms, and causes flooding and mudslides and droughts and raises sea levels, to the tanker and oil rig accidents that cause oil spills, wipes out fishing, tourism, and fouls our beaches, all because we continue to cling to the completely incorrect notion that in order to make more and more money we have to keep burning fossil fuels instead of transitioning to clean energy. We will create more jobs, improve national security, save millions of human lives, and countless wildlife, grow the GDP, and save billions of dollars by freeing ourselves from the burden of fossil fuels. Doesn’t Congress know? Don’t they know? Now we know. Reject offshore drilling. Get environmentally active. Act.

4 thoughts on “Don’t We Know?

  1. Thanks for alerting the people who really care about the oceans! I reposted with a link to your site on our Sea Changes ACT Facebook Page.

  2. Thanks for alerting about the loss of ocean protections, Eve! I posted a link to your writing and website on my Kira Carrillo Corser Facebook page and on Sea Changes ACT Facebook page. I am planning an installation in Minn. in Oct, and would like to include something about this. Any photos or thoughts you have?

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