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Who You Gonna Call?

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Here’s a big, scary, dangerous, terrible, no good, thing that’s happening to California’s drinking and irrigation water… AND… here’s a way to help solve it! Watch this NBC news story then contact your representatives (I’ve made that easy, see below:) Toxic Wastewater From Oil Fields Endangers California’s Water Supply, Scientists Tell NBC Bay Area

Call Monday through Friday and/or email anytime, and respectfully ask these CA leaders to work to ban/stop/halt toxic fracked water from being re-injected, reused or released into or onto California’s crops, groundwater, etc…

Gov. Jerry Brown   1-916-445-2841

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom   1-916-445-8994

Senator Kamala Harris   1-224-3553 or 1-619-239-3884

Senator Diane Feinstein  1-202-224-3841  or  1-619-231-9712

CA Central Water Board Enforcement  1-916-341-5272

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra   1-916-210-6276

State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez   1-916-3192076

CA State Senator Patricia Bates   1-916-651-4036

Feel free to enter these contacts into your phone which makes it much easier to connect with our leaders on future topics of interest or concern.

Please watch and share this  story, so that the contact links are included.

Eve Simmons

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