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In response to a comment from someone who assumed that one of the groups I work with, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, was a strictly Conservative, Libertarianesque organization. Oh my! I want to set the record straight for anyone else who may think that – especially Progressives. I’m a left of left liberal and I’ve been involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby since 2012 (when I first trained with Al Gore). It was the scientists that brought me in. There are LOTS OF LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES in this organization – actually the majority of CCLers are Progressive. We’re trying to bring in more Conservatives so that we can work together on climate despite other potential differences. Collectively, we cherish the EPA and mourn the demise of so many essential environmental policies the EPA has championed in the past. I personally got a huge bear hug from former EPA Director Gina McCarthy last year when I was in D.C. precisely because of my work with Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Most of us march and rally and organize for things like Community Choice Energy, Divestment of fossil fuel holdings, banning oil pipelines, plastic pollution, etc. Many of us are speakers and activists, and some of us engage in the occasional well-placed act of civil disobedience. It’s the effectiveness of PRICING CARBON and the SOCIAL JUSTICE of sharing the dividend with everyone and the CIVILITY of respectful discourse that brings so many from different walks of life and different political parties together. What’s amazing about charging the oil companies for their pollution and giving that money to the public (a.k.a. Pricing Carbon) is that it DROPS EMISSIONS LIKE A STONE and those that can least afford an increase in fossil fuel-based products can afford to segue to cleaner energy. THE VAST CONSENSUS OF ECONOMISTS WORLDWIDE SUPPORT CARBON PRICING AS THE QUICKEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SLOW GLOBAL WARMING!! So does Bill McKibben, Al Gore, Elon Musk, Jeremy Rifkin, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, etc. CCL’s proposal is pure, gorgeous, and much stronger than the Paris Climate Accord calls for (btw nobody in CCL wanted the U.S. to abandon COP21). It’s what various politicians may want to add to CCL’s proposal that can be of concern. What it boils down to is how badly do we want to solve/slow global warming and what will actually pass in Congress, and how little time we have to act in a big way?  When it comes to uniting people to make significant progress on the climate crisis, which is an issue we ALL need to tackle, Citizens’ Climate Lobby is one of the best friends you’ve got.

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