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Face It… We Can Do Better

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My Mama always said, “It’s better to face your problems than to ignore them. Not facing them is just scary and depressing. Facing your problems empowers you to solve them.” She was right then and now. From California to Florida, Japan to Greece and beyond, the climate crisis is here and it’s not going away. Let’s face it proactively and compassionately. Here’s my statement to anyone who has yet to grasp this situation and to those with the courage and wisdom to face it.

“Forced atmospheric warming due to humankind’s massive carbon emissions has been unequivocally established. Our time will be better spent on facing the consequences of those actions, fostering the pragmatic solutions to this existential threat, and caring for each other and nature with kindness, respect, and appreciation. Each of us can brighten the world – no matter what.”                    Eve Simmons

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