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A Shared Call To Action

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I’ve recently returned from Mentoring a huge Climate Reality Leadership training in Atlanta where we focused on social and environmental justice. Three mindblowing days with scientists, activists, policymakers, and compassionate changemakers. Among them, I joyfully ran into the wise-for-his-years, adorable, and incredibly well-spoken, youngest plaintiff of the renowned climate change lawsuit, “Our Children’s Trust”, Levy Draheim (pictured above).  From the stirring evening of “A Moral Call to Action” in ML King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church with Rev. William Barber II and The Poor People’s Campaign, to Al Gore’s newest live climate presentation, to hearing from victims of environmental poisoning, cancer alleys, fracking, illegal coal ash dumping, and more. It was both staggering and inspirational.
I came back with a renewed desire to do all we can to improve our climate crisis, and I can’t think of a more effective and wide sweeping solution than the  (HR763) Check it out and please urge your Congress member to Co-Sponsor it now.

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