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I’m going to channel my inner Greta and so can you.

En masse climate actions send powerful messages, but so can singular efforts, as our glorious Greta Thunberg has proven. So if you can’t make it to a major #StrikeForClimate demonstration on September 20th (or even if you can), then #CloneGreta and DIY locally that day and repeatedly at anytime.
Give yourself permission to hit the streets anytime with your sign (mine says “STRIKING FOR CLIMATE AWARENESS AND ACTION”). For maximum impact I’m encouraging people to do this often, as individuals or in small groups, in any pedestrian-safe, high-foot-traffic area. For example, in front  of libraries, banks, post offices, at shopping centers, city halls, colleges, etc. Snap a photo of yourself with your sign and share on social media (as well as to local broadcast and print media if you’d like) to spread this idea and #CloneGreta  This is something we can all do in any town, at any time. Meeting a friend for coffee? Bring your sign and sit outside:) PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks!!

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