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For this Friday’s Climate Strike find a bank near you…

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Want a more visible bang for your buck during this coming weeklong climate strike? Jamie Dimon, the C.E.O. of JPMorgan Chase, is an oil, coal, and gas baron almost without peer. Let’s encourage him to change his mind on fossil fuel funding. If you’re looking for the best location to choose for your personal statement on raising climate awareness and action for this week’s climate strike (from Sept. 20th – 27th), I can’t think of a better spot than your nearest Chase Bank. Please obey all laws, be courteous, and use common sense. But by peacefully and respectfully displaying your climate sign visibly near the financial institution most responsible for funding fossil fuel investments you will quietly send a powerful message. Not only is profiting from oil, gas, and coal, shortsighted, it’s risky from a financial perspective. Stranded assets anyone? By the way, any Wells Fargo, Citibank, or Bank of America locations could use the same gentle but clear reminder. Want to dig deeper? Two excellent articles on divestment are here:

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