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The “Mr. Rogers of Climate” Bids Farewell


The climate movement lost a magnificent hero last Friday, December 27th. Marshall Saunders, the founder and president of Citizens’ Climate Lobby passed away after a long fought illness.

To me, Marshall was the “Mr. Rogers of Climate”. Like Fred Rogers, Marshall believed wholeheartedly in kindness, inclusivity, and in finding the goodness in everyone. Marshall and Fred were both such wise, gentle, and optimistic father figures, and both embodied a tenacity for fairness. And much like Mr. Rogers, Mr. Saunders leaves behind an enormous legacy of inspired and uplifted souls. I’m so grateful to be one of them. Every day Marshall modeled a life well-lived. His influence and ability to bring together disparate voices to work together on the climate crisis and empower citizen activism on a large scale, was nothing short of miraculous. He was, and still is, an Angel among us.

3 thoughts on “The “Mr. Rogers of Climate” Bids Farewell

  1. What a lovely tribute Eve. He is beloved and will be missed.

  2. Thank you for writing!

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