The Green Flash

Awakening Your True Nature… with Eve Simmons


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Have you ever gone through a difficult or painful experience and later realized the positive lessons you’d gained by going through that particular challenge? Perhaps you’ve grown into a more insightful, wiser, stronger, or kinder version of yourself. You may have become more compassionate to others who’ve experienced similar difficulties. You’ve gained a deeper understanding of why you suffered through a certain situation.

If you’re feeling discouraged about the climate crisis, trust me, I know your pain – I’ve lived with it for 30 years. Or you may be experiencing a whole host of unsettled feelings because of this pandemic. Either way, your aching for Mother Earth, for Humanity and Nature, reflects your awareness and compassion, THANK YOU.

Lately we’ve been reminded to wash our hands frequently. What if, when we do this, we also mentally clear our thoughts of negativity? We can “wash away” fear, resentment, anxiety, etc., and cleanse our energy by relaxing into love.

Look, I know it’s a big ask to hold the Light right now, to hum along in a vibration of LOVE. But YOU, coming from a place of Love, Appreciation, and Joy, are exactly what the world needs right now – and perhaps it’s exactly what YOU need right now too.

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