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It’s not easy to cope right now, so for those of you who are holding the light during the apocalypse…

My family is lucky. We live in an urban oasis with glorious west facing views from the front of our home. They extend to almost every room in the house. But from the south side, not so much, and that was depressing. There’s lots of necessary asphalt, neighbors trash cans, many cars and an RV. It may seem trifling considering the times we’re living in, but because our home has long served as a sanctuary for me, those unpleasant views had challenged my positive outlook – literally. Finally, a solution presented itself. My husband recently retired and one of his hobbies is crafting stained glass. I designed a simple pattern with nautical bevels, clear water-glass and a ribbon of color around the edges. Tom executed it beautifully. Now, instead of feeling frustration and anger about views beyond my control, I’m transported by prisms of sparkling light, light that was always there, it was only my perspective that has shifted. Our vista isn’t completely obscured, just softened. I know exactly what lies beyond, but appreciation becomes my main focus. I’ve accepted what I couldn’t change, the ugliness, and enlisted help with changing the things I could, for the better. There’s truth on both sides of the glass, but with a bit of creativity and determination, my gaze now lies upon the beauty, the serenity, the light. It seems a good analogy for coping with life these days. If you’re feeling this world’s a mess, grieving over what’s lost, I hear you, I feel your pain. And then I surrender to the joy. So do what you can to make a positive difference, appreciate your own good work and those who’ve helped along the way, then look for the beauty in yourself and in any given situation. Remember the water-glass, and let that soak into your soul.

2 thoughts on “Water-glass

  1. I remember the old adage, we see things as we are, not as they are. It truly is i the eye of the beholder
    . Stay well and strong, Eve.

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