The Green Flash

With Eve Simmons

About Eve

Eve Simmons is a decades-long environmental advocate,  keynote speaker, consultant, and tireless optimist. She has lectured throughout Southern California and has lobbied for action both locally and on Capitol Hill. Eve speaks on topics ranging from our environment, loss of biodiversity and habitat, deforestation, our oceans, air, water and soil, the Greenhouse Effect, extreme weather, pricing carbon, divestment and other global warming solutions, to the social injustice and politics of climate change. She lobbies for action both locally and on Capitol Hill. Eve served on San Diego County’s Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission and as an elected delegate to California’s State Assembly. She’s a Climate Reality Project Leader, a former photojournalist, and wildlife guide. Eve previously served on the boards of Encinitas EcoFest and the San Diego Energy District Foundation. Eve and her husband Tom are small business owners and proud parents. Eve is a member of Citizen’s Climate, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, Sierra Club and more. Follow her on Twitter @Eve_Simmons and her website and blog,

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