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A Shared Call To Action

I’ve recently returned from Mentoring a huge Climate Reality Leadership training in Atlanta where we focused on social and environmental justice. Three mindblowing days with scientists, activists, policymakers, and compassionate changemakers. Among them, I joyfully ran into the wise-for-his-years, adorable, and incredibly well-spoken, youngest plaintiff of the renowned climate change lawsuit, “Our Children’s Trust”, Levy Draheim (pictured above).  From the stirring evening of “A Moral Call to Action” in ML King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church with Rev. William Barber II and The Poor People’s Campaign, to Al Gore’s newest live climate presentation, to hearing from victims of environmental poisoning, cancer alleys, fracking, illegal coal ash dumping, and more. It was both staggering and inspirational.
I came back with a renewed desire to do all we can to improve our climate crisis, and I can’t think of a more effective and wide sweeping solution than the  (HR763) Check it out and please urge your Congress member to Co-Sponsor it now.

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“60 Minutes” Got It Right

Please contact CBS’ 60 Minutes with a great big THANK YOU for last Sunday evening’s story on one of the most important lawsuits of our time, “Our Children’s’ Trust”. So glad the media finally covered something that environmentalists have known for decades. Not only did the President’ s Science advisor (UCSD’s own) Roger Revelle, warn Lyndon Johnson of the dangers of too much CO2 in our atmosphere in 1965, LBJ turned right around and warned Congress. It was Congress that did little to nothing. Btw, Roger Revelle just happened to teach a bright young student, Al Gore, way back when.

Speaking of Al Gore, I’m overjoyed to share a few days with him, Reverend William Barber, scientists, activists, and over 2,000 of our newest friends, while Mentoring at the Climate Reality Project Leadership in Atlanta, GA this March.

It’s easy and oh so necessary to thank “60 Minutes”. Just click here…

Twitter: Steve Kroft

Facebook: PLEASE do it NOW.

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You Have the Power

Everyone is capable of something amazing. This is true even in the daunting world of climate change politics and policies. Your heart is already in the right place, so we’ll help you to engage your talents effectively to change our world for the better. Join us Friday, March 1st, 11 a.m. where I’ll speak at Chapman University’s Environmental Science Seminar. Meet at the McCardle Steps in the Keck Center, just south of E. Walnut Ave. Orange, CA

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America’s Climate Solution

There’s wonderful news on the climate front – and in Congress no less! Can you imagine U.S. carbon emissions dropping by 40% within 12 years?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly… There’s a newly introduced bipartisan climate bill, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Actand it’s manna from Heaven (it will be reintroduced early in the 116th Congress). This socially just, truly effective climate bill, which Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been working toward for 11 years, is a real gamechanger. And it has a strong chance of becoming national law if we unite to support it. Please check it out, spread the word and support it. Many Thanks!

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California’s wildfires, the new abnormal

I snapped this “smokeset” image in my hometown San Diego – far away from the blazes that have ravaged our state, and yet the micro-bits of peoples lives and wildlife lost,  hung in the air, sullying our skies and our psyches even this far south.

Dozens dead, with that number growing daily, hundreds missing, a town so thoroughly wiped out that identifying the dead is made even more difficult due to destroyed dental offices and patient’s records, which were obliterated in the mega inferno. Homes,  businesses, livelihoods, nature, all vanished. The severe conditions amplifying the devastation and suffering labeled “the new abnormal” by Governor Brown, are due to climate change.

We must raise our voices as one. We can no longer allow our leaders to stand idly by, taking oil money campaign contributions in exchange for, at best, toothless rhetoric on climate. Politicians must be compelled to represent their electorate rather than their corporate sponsors. Representatives must stop playing party politics, stop bickering over political turf, and seniority, and start acting in terms of OUR SHARED SURVIVAL. Let’s PLEASE build something positive, proactive and unified from this horrific tragedy. We are ALL indigenous to this planet. I’m beyond ready for a #GreenNewDeal.