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Delivering Kamala

See that box, the envelopes, and the huge stack of papers on the table? During a great hourlong meeting with Senator Kamala Harris’ staff, we hand-delivered over 1800 constituent letters from the Bay area, in support of our legislative proposal for climate change, a Carbon Fee & Dividend (charge polluting fossil fuel industries and give the money to the poorest 70% of citizens). Both California State Senate and Assembly have endorsed our plan as well (see AJR43). We’re building political will for a livable world! Where am I? I took the photo 🙂 Where was Senator Harris? She was questioning Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions at the Hearing on Russia at the time.

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Celebrating common ground, literally.

Sharing a joyful moment in D.C. with Congresswoman Mia Love of Utah. You may remember that she was featured in this follow-up to “Years of Living Dangerously”. I am working with Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Environmental Justice and Climate Change WITH ALL Republicans AND ALL Democrats TOGETHER! It’s easy to judge from far away, but there’s so much more to the story. Let me clarify the nature of this challenging, but rewarding work. This is NOT party politics. It’s not about one party or even one faction of one party. It’s about our shared problem, our shared planet, and what we can do to help restore our world. While I understand the partisan frustration on both sides, refusing to speak to, let alone work with, those in power whom we may not agree with on all issues, will get us nowhere. Cynicism is worse than useless, it’s acquiescence.  Ultimately, the solutions are about love instead of hate. We’re not ignoring our differences, we’re choosing to step beyond them and focus on what we can accomplish together. When you look for the good in people you will find it. Well-informed, proactive, optimistic, hard work is not only moving us toward climate legislation on “The Hill”… it’s moving mountains. Release the blame, visualize the good, then make it happen, together. <3<3


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Gina and Me

It’s not every day that I get a big bear hug from a former director of the EPA. That’s exactly what happened in D.C. the other night when I introduced myself to the Honorable Gina McCarthy and told her that I’m a volunteer with #CitizensClimateLobby and that we had over 500 MEETINGS with MOC’s and/or their staffers on Capitol Hill IN ONE DAY! And though after many days of prep meetings, lectures, planning, phone calls, coalition building, and a second intense day of lobbying, I was as tired as I look here,  it was really wonderful to lift her spirits on climate, as she most definitely lifted mine!

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We Have Your Back, Now Have Ours

Hope is coming to The Hill, Capitol Hill. I am headed to Washinton D.C. to lobby for action on climate change (along with about 1000 of my close personal friends 🙂 We aren’t marching outside, we’re going into the offices of almost every House and Senate member – and YES we have appointments! Spending our own money, we’re the largest fly-in group on Capitol Hill all year long, and one of the most respected by both sides of the aisle. The New York Times recently said that “When Congress finally passes major legislation to curb carbon emissions – to reduce the environmental and economic harm caused by climate change –  Americans will owe a big thank you  to the perseverance and discipline of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.” 

Please call your Congress members THIS WEEK, no matter who they are, both House and Senate, (that’s 3 quick calls) and ask them to meet with us and to listen. This profound work is moving mountains – especially now.  Thank You.

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Stop Fighting and Listen to This…

Just did a radio interview, aaaggghhh!!! – Both “sides” want to play the blame game which may be tempting to indulge in for a few minutes, but it’s not a strategy for success. As both Gandhi and Dr. King have said, “‘An eye for an eye’ just makes the whole world blind.”

I’m frustrated with some liberals who offhandedly dismiss the hugely effective solution of pricing carbon/giving the revenue to the public, which will cut our CO2 emissions by 50% within 20 years (that’s twice as good as Paris commitments btw), create millions of jobs, improve our economy and public health, and lessen the burden on our troops. These carbon pricing deniers spout alternative facts and ignore the real facts, just like the climate change deniers do! Some right wingers refuse to believe the scientists and some left wingers refuse to believe the economists.  I say let’s listen to the overwhelming worldwide consensus of both groups of experts, put a price on carbon and return the dividend to citizens. It’s the tool box that carries all the tools we need to decarbonize our energy (like Community Choice Energy, microgrids, renewable energy jobs, divesting of fossil fuels, disincentivizing oil and gas exploration and production, etc.), and it does so in an economically viable and socially just way – period. Both “sides” need to grow up, it’s time to stop burning bridges and start building them.

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Eve on the Radio

For your listening pleasure… I’ll be interviewed on San Diego’s KNSJ Radio 89.1 FM this Saturday, June 3rd at 11 am PST, by former City Attorney and current “Talk of the Town” host, Mike Aguirre. We’ll discuss our environment, politics and climate action. Tune in via the web here then scroll down and click on the “Listen Live” play button.

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Crimes Against Humanity

By pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord today, Donald Trump has brought a great national shame upon our country. But what that wretched soul has committed goes far beyond national pride or our standing on the world stage. He has done nothing less than to aid and abet genocide. Trump’s staggering actions eclipse even crimes against humanity, for they surely will increase the destruction of nature, of our oceans, forests, clean air, clean water, and arable soil. By guaranteeing our nation’s deep and continued dependence on fossil fuels Mr. Trump has added to the burden on our troops and increased the dangers and challenges they face.  This colossal error of judgment will hurt our economy, endanger public health and retard job growth.

There is a path out of this darkness. Today we may mourn and rail against adversity. Tomorrow we will resolve as individuals, citizens, consumers, investors, groups, businesses, organizations, subnational governments, and Congressional leaders, to take steps to meet and exceed the commitments that were made in Paris. With our choices and our voices, we shall pick up the globe that Trump has dropped and raise it high above this travesty. For truly, there is a greatness in America, one that Mr. Trump is blind to. Let us show the world that Americans are made of kinder, wiser, and stronger stuff than Mr. Trump could possibly dream of.