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Republicans Must Stand Against Trump’s Hate Speech

How much more must Americans take before the Republican party speaks out against this president gone amuck? In response to yesterday’s mass murder at a Pittsburg synagogue the madman who currently sits in the oval office and heads the Republican party tweeted..

This is completely and utterly wrong. Please find the personal dignity and courage to stand up to and resist this demagogue who seeks to profit from the ruination of everything good that America can be. You know what is happening is wrong. History is at a turning point. Please don’t sit idly by and let this continue. Please speak out individually or in numbers for our democracy’s sake.

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Eve’s Speaking at SDSU this Wednesday

Rock the Vote and join us for my presentation on Democracy and the Climate Crisis. Enjoy a FREE organic lunch (it’s open to the public and vegan & gluten-free options are available) courtesy of SDSU Green Love/Sustainability Commision, this Wednesday, Oct. 24th, from noon til 1:30 pm in the beautiful (LEED Platinum-certified) Aztec Student Union Theatre at San Diego State University. Increase your knowledge and awaken your personal power in a time of Climate Crisis. Don’t let what you can’t change keep you
from changing the things you CAN change for the better. We’re ALL citizens of planet Earth and we need every single one of you. This is what democracy looks like, be there! (click here)

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Eve’s speaking in O.C. this Sunday

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Climate Action Team presents…

Lifestyles of the Successfully Sustainable!

Saving the Planet and Your Sweet Existence

Sunday October 21, 2018, 3 – 5 pm REI Store, 2962 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA

Climate Reality Leader, environmentalist, activist, Congressional Liaison, and keynote speaker Eve Simmons will impart information from the world’s top scientists and institutions. With jaw-dropping updates, insights, and humor, Eve will offer inspiring solutions for fostering a stable climate, a thriving economy, improved public health, job creation, and enhanced national security. This event is free and open to the public. Join us!

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The Ball is in Your Court!

By now you’ve probably seen, heard, or read Monday’s dire warning issued to humanity on the climate crisis by the world’s top scientists. That means more Americans know that the IPCC stands for the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and that the venerable international body’s assessment is not good news. You’re probably also aware that one of the most effective ways to tackle this challenge is to increase political will on climate action. You can do that by making a few quick calls today. So wait no longer, pick up the phone right now and call every government representative you have! Strongly, clearly, and respectfully, tell them to move their climate/environmental priorities up the ladder – NOW. From City Hall to Congress. Call them whether they’re entrenched deniers or climate heroes. They ALL need to hear your message. As you’re calling, take a moment to put those phone numbers in your contacts list so it’ll be easy to call them in the future – so that we’ll HAVE a future. There is no excuse for you not to act – now. Thank You.

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Local Candidates on Climate

This Thursday evening, Sept. 13th, I’ll be moderating a local Candidate’s Forum on the most important issue of our time, the climate crisis, sponsored by San Diego’s North County Climate Change Alliance.  Join us from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 pm for an informative and eye-opening look, with Q & A to follow. Vista Library, 700 Eucalyptus Ave, Vista, CA  This event is free and open to the public.  Details here.

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“Don’t let anyone take away your hope”

“Don’t let anyone take away your hope.” Back in 2012 Al Gore enshrined that phrase onto the hearts of one thousand of us from 68 countries gathered in San Francisco to become Climate Reality Corp. Leaders. Now, six years and countless presentations later, in 2018, they’ll be over two thousand of us from over 100 countries gathering in Los Angeles for a massive training and conference where I’ll be honored to serve as a Mentor.

Much has changed since my last Climate Reality Project conference and much has stayed the same. Mother Nature is a powerful lobbyist and many more are waking up to these “Inconvenient Truths”. The world has witnessed that turning a blind eye to the increasing climate crisis hasn’t lessened the devastation. A hurricane, or wildfire, or drought, or famine, or storm surge, or mudslide, or heatwave, or flood, or endangered species, doesn’t care about one’s political party affiliation, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, it just leaves a path of devastation. Though it’s true that those with the largest carbon footprint are often the most resilient to the effects of climate change, which of course deepens the social injustice.

One thing that hasn’t changed for me is my commitment to keep working to engage, educate, and inspire as many people as possible to do what we can to make a positive difference in our world. So yes Al, I’ll never let anyone take away my hope. How about you? We’re all indigenous to Mother Earth. It’s our home, shouldn’t we try?


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The Ocean is Running a Fever

According to Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the ocean water at Scripps pier at the beginning of August 2018 has reached a record-breaking 78.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In 102 years of record-keeping at the site, the ocean has never been this warm. Simply put, the ocean is so hot – because CO2 holds heat and the oceans absorb 90% of our atmospheric heat. By continuing to burn fossil fuels instead of using clean energy, we’re blasting CO2 pollution into our atmosphere on a massive and unprecedented scale. Warmer air = warmer oceans. It’s simple physics and simply genocide.