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The Antidote to Despair… ACTION!

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Bummed about the state of our environment? Keep calm and get proactive. Attend a rally, make that phone call, visit that representative of yours, or go to an environmental group’s meeting. You will find yourself among intelligent, compassionate and positive people, and you will be one of them.

It’s also VERY important to note that in all the environmental rallies, lectures, talks,  protests, meetings PDA & Climate Caucus’ events I’ve taken part in since this election season began (and that’s a lot) and the thousands upon thousands of people, banners, signs, T-shirts, buttons, bumpers stickers, etc., that I’ve seen, I’ve NEVER seen even one that supported any presidential candidate other than Bernie Sanders! Yet his are ubiquitous, they are absolutely everywhere! If that doesn’t convince you who to vote for this should… At last Saturday’s huge Break Free from Fossil Fuel rally in LA, I was visiting with the one and only Bill McKibben (founder of and a god in the enviro movement, who continuously speaks all over the U.S.), and I remarked to him that I’ve never seen a Hillary sign, button, banner, etc. at any environmental event or gathering and guess what? He hadn’t either. We both chuckled and said, “That tells you something doesn’t it?”

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