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“60 Minutes” Got It Right

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Please contact CBS’ 60 Minutes with a great big THANK YOU for last Sunday evening’s story on one of the most important lawsuits of our time, “Our Children’s’ Trust”. So glad the media finally covered something that environmentalists have known for decades. Not only did the President’ s Science advisor (UCSD’s own) Roger Revelle, warn Lyndon Johnson of the dangers of too much CO2 in our atmosphere in 1965, LBJ turned right around and warned Congress. It was Congress that did little to nothing. Btw, Roger Revelle just happened to teach a bright young student, Al Gore, way back when.

Speaking of Al Gore, I’m overjoyed to share a few days with him, Reverend William Barber, scientists, activists, and over 2,000 of our newest friends, while Mentoring at the Climate Reality Project Leadership in Atlanta, GA this March.

It’s easy and oh so necessary to thank “60 Minutes”. Just click here…

Twitter: Steve Kroft

Facebook: PLEASE do it NOW.

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